Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google Launches Domain Property In Search Console; Replacing Property SetsGoogle has officially launched Domain Property in Google Search Console the day after they announced the closure of the Property Set feature. Overall, the concept behind Domain Property is similar to Property Set, it lets you combine multiple properties in Search Console into one, to see an aggregate view of the data.
How To Check Country Specific Rankings In GoogleEvery now and then, espesially if you do SEO for a living, you want to see how a site ranks in Google within a specific country or region. Of course you can try to use the Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool. But you can also use special URL parameters to see it as well.
Google Moves Ved Parameter In Search ResultsEagle eye Dave Davies spotted that Google has moved the ved parameter that has been in the source code of the Google search results since at least 2013 from the href link section of the code. It is unclear why Google moved it but Google does change things often, so I am not sure we can speculate why it was changed.
Google SEO: American English vs British English vs Australian EnglishJeffrey Cammack asked Google’s John Mueller if it matters if someone uses American English versus Australian English. John Mueller said “it doesn’t play any role for SEO” and added it might impact users “but not directly for SEO.”
Google Ads To Sunset Average Position Metric In SeptemberGoogle announced that they are going to be sunsetting one of the oldest AdWords (Google Ads) metrics – average position. They are sunsetting it in September 2019 and it has been replaced by four new metrics they launched last November named Impression (Absolute Top) % and Impression (Top) % and Search (Abs Top) IS and Search (Top) IS.
Googler Wearing Panda Head At DeskI am not sure what kind of sick humor this is, but here is a Googler named Eric who is wearing the head of a stuffed Panda at his desk at the Googleplex, Google’s main headquarters. The pain and suff
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Anyone noticing Birdeye spam showing up in GMB listings? Our client doesn’t use it but it is showing up. When I go to Birdeye listing it shows an aggregate of Google and Facebook reviews. cc: @GoogleMyBiz @GatherUp @mblumenth, Brandon Schmidt on Twitter
F.T.C. Sets Up Task Force to Monitor Competition in Tech Industry, WebmasterWorld
Google Engineers Say, Spectre Vulnerability is Here to Stay, WebmasterWorld
Hi Andy, thanks for reaching out. Although we wouldn’t be able to preemptively confirm it, we’d request that you stay tuned to our Ads blog for any feature updates: https://t.co/6K2Pg7rS1Q. Do let us know if you have any questions, Google Ads on Twitter
I think “should” is the key here — if you want something to happen, make sure it’s not up to too much interpretation :). Be consistent in the data you provide, and then at least the uncertainty (Will Google show it?) is not ba, John Mueller on Twitter
Issues with DuckDuckGo, WebmasterWorld
It’s pretty cool, but it feels like using this to “circumvent” the usual processes involved with updating a live site is playing with fire. Instead of the 17+ sign-offs to update a page’s title, you just do it on your own? If, John Mueller on Twitter
The cached page isn’t really a great way to diagnose most issues. I’d use the Inspect URL tool, it’ll tell you if a URL was last indexed as desktop or smartphone.… https://t.co/LOu5ppiLuI, John Mueller on Twitter
Unless those scripts are required to render the page’s content, then probably not. We just don’t index all pages on the web, that’s totally normal.… https://t.co/C3x4cKamrr, John Mueller on Twitter
We pretty much try to render them all. With regards to “non-critical” it’s more a matter of which of the embedded scripts really need to be run. Eg, Analytics doesn’t change anything on the page, so why use it for rendering?, John Mueller on Twitter
Yep, Google can mostly pick up amp-img elements even without the noscript, but other search engines can’t always. You can see this if you use image search engines for sites that are AMP-only to see which images are indexed.…, John Mueller on Twitter
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