Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google “Found On The Web” Featured Snippets Spark DebateLet me start off saying that I covered this at Search Engine Land, so if you read it there, there isn’t much new here. But I should add, I was wrong about the original featured snippets in 2014 and because of that, I am giving Google the benefit of the doubt with this form of featured snippet.
Google: Don’t Stuff Content At The Bottom Of Your E-Commerce Category PagesI am sure you all see it all the time when you are checking out e-commerce sites – content stuffed at the bottom of the product listings category pages. It is an easy way to get content on to the page and also not distract the user from seeing the product listings on the page. Google’s John Mueller said you should try to think of other ways to incorporate the content on the page and not just stick it in the footer.
Google Image Search On Mobile Adds Swipe To NextGoogle Image Search on mobile search has added a “swipe to next” notice when you look at specific images in the search results. So when you click on a specific image, it will overlay for a second or two a message that tells you that you can swipe to see the next image.
End Of March: Property Sets No Longer Supported In Google Search ConsoleThis should come as no surprise as we covered it here a couple times already but this morning, Google emailed those using property sets in Google Search Console that it is going away by the end of March. Google is shutting it down and may replace it with something else at some point in time.
Google New York Hammock RoomWe’ve covered so many different types of hammock set ups at the various Google offices like I covered yesterday. But here in NYC there is a room devoted to just sleeping on hammocks. Here is a photo f
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Usually yes – most sites pick either http or https, and we’ll try to use that for canonicalization, which would be reflected in Search Console too.… https://t.co/o7pwPhKo8X, John Mueller on Twitter
Canonicals and angular JS : TechSEO, Reddit
Google Analytics Revenue Tracking, WebmasterWorld
Ideally yes — users could be going to the AMP URL before we reprocess the “legacy” URL (and see there that a new AMP URL is in place).… https://t.co/ntpJ8R6DC2, John Mueller on Twitter
In general, if you’re not just moving a site 1:1 from one domain to another, but rather merging or splitting sites, it will take quite a bit longer to settle down. We can’t just transfer everything, we need to reprocess everyt, John Mueller on Twitter
Which SEO Tool is Cutting Edge?, WebmasterWorld
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