Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithm Update, Google Assistant Ads, Indexing API, Reviews, Local & MoreI went fast, covered a lot, really fast, sorry – I forgot to slow down but hopefully you can play this video in slow motion? I covered the Google search algorithm tremors from this week…
Google: Don’t Break The Rules Even If Competitors AreGoogle’s John Mueller at least twice this week had to respond on Twitter suggesting that SEOs do not break the rules, go against the Google webmaster guidelines, simply because others are getting away with it.
Google Flights Search Results Box DropsWhen you do flight related queries for travel, often you would see a search box at the top showing the vertical search feature from Google Flights. Well, it seems the number of times that box shows up has significantly dropped over the past 24 hours.
Google News Search Related Coverage Expandable Snippet CarouselHere is a GIF of what I think is a new form of snippet feature in the Google News mobile search results. You can see how under the snippet, there is a link to expand to show “related coverage.” When you click on it, it expands and shows more stories in a carousel interface.
John Mueller & Google Webmaster Office Hangouts Move Off Google+With the closure of Google+ just around the corner, Google’s John Mueller is experimenting with ways to communicate new up and coming webmaster office hour hangouts on YouTube Live. Previously he used Google+ to collect the questions, before that there was a feature called Google Moderator and now there is not much.
Google Valentine’s Day BreakfastHere is a photo from Instagram of Google’s chefs cooking up some special treats for breakfast time yesterday on Valentine’s day. Mariana Bechert said Just helping the Masterchef @sikor.36 to make an
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Those are more useful in browsers with interactive users. Also, there’s no SEO effect at all for that.…, John Mueller on Twitter
It’s still a different URL, SEOs should know this by now :-)…, John Mueller on Twitter
Via @johnmu: Seeing urls show up in GSC as “duplicate, submitted url not selected as canonical” (but the pages are different)? If Google can’t render the content properly, this can happen. Google might not see the full content, or, Glenn Gabe on Twitter
When will i recieve google traffic?, Google Webmaster Help
E.U.’s Articles 11 and 13 Copyright Directive Survive and Head For E.U. Parliament Approval, WebmasterWorld
Lots of well-ranking pages change regularly.…, John Mueller on Twitter
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