Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google: Do Not Flip Between Index & Noindex on URLs Too FrequentlyThis is probably common sense to all the readers here, but you should likely not add a noindex and remove the noindex on specific URLs often or heck, even infrequently. It will confuse Google, slow Google down in terms of seeing if that page should be indexed again in the future and will result in that page not always doing well in search.
Will Google’s Indexing API To Allow All Content Types?As you know, the Google Indexing API only is reserved for job posting URLs and live stream events. But that might change as we have been speculating for a while. Gary Illyes from Google in his Reddit AMA also mentioned that Google is testing this as well.
Google: Media Search Overlooked By PublishersThis is the second time a Googler said that SEOs, webmasters, publishers should be paying more attention to image search and video search. John Mueller said it a couple weeks ago and now Gary Illyes said it last Friday.
Google Again: Sharing IP Addresses For Multiple Sites Is OkayThis topic goes back ages, but for some reason John Mueller from Google said again in a Google Webmaster Help thread that it is perfectly fine and doesn’t hurt you in Google search to share an IP address on the same server with other web sites.
Google Trending Icon On People CarouselA year ago Google began showing what people are trending in Google search. I am not sure if this next one is new, but Grant Oster shared a screen shot of Google showing a trending icon on the “more people” carousel. See the blue trending icon at the top left of Andre Iguodala?
US Army Posting The Colors At GoogleGoogle invited some US Army soldiers to do a Posting of Colors at the main Google offices at an event the other day. Here is a photo of two of them posing with their rifles and in their uniforms.
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Sorry for the delay in the data! As you’ve probably seen over time, these pipelines do sometimes take a bit of time to run, so sometimes things are a day or so behind. We’ll catch up soon, I’m sure :)… https://t.co/KTOgOBR38b, John Mueller on Twitter
“Only do what gives your visitors joy.” — The Marie Kondo guide to SEO. If there was one. There’s not, but I think someone should do a talk or panel with this theme. Because Marie Kondo., Danny Sullivan on Twitter
Barry, talking to you, I decided to make a (hidden) video for you, showing the way my system classifies search queries from the GSC-API and shows them in a Data Studio dashboard. The idea is simple, but the results are pretty amaz, Alain Sadon on Twitter
If you’re blocking URLs from crawling that you need to have crawled, then you probably shouldn’t be blocking those URLs from crawling :). FWIW it’s pretty rare that sites have issues with crawl budget, so I’d be cautious about, John Mueller on Twitter
Link Text Spam in Google Search Console?, WebmasterWorld
Not sure anyone cares… but Google is testing a smaller font size for People Also Ask on desktop (seen it a few times over the last 2 days) So there’s that… cc: @rustybrick #SEO https://t.co/g0b3bTNexf” / Twitter, Mordy Oberstein on Twitter
Search Engine Land Stories:
Other Great Search Stories:
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What is the difference between the old Google Search Console the and new one?, Marie Haynes Consulting

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