Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
New Google Livestream Support In Search With Structured Data & Indexing APIGoogle now supports showing livestreams in the search results and in Google Assistant. Google added structured data to help Google understand the information in the live stream and also added using the Indexing API to support communicating the new live stream to Google quickly.
Matt Cutts: Google Index Was Cursed In The Month Of MarchThere is this outstanding article from The New Yorker named The Friendship That Made Google Huge. It talks about how Googlers Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat fixed code and server problems, with the rest of the team, in the early days.
Most SEOs Think Google Shouldn’t Delist A Hacked SiteAs you know, Search Engine Land was delisted from Google’s search results for most of the day on Friday because a bug in Google’s hack sites classifier labeled the site as being hacked. Colin McDermott ran a Twitter poll asking if Google should delist the site or just issue a warning. 2/3rds of those who responded said Google should just issue a warning.
Google Images Best Practices Guide Updated, But What Changed?Google announced yesterday on Twitter that they updated their Google Images best practices guide. I did a compare of the old and new pages, and for the most part, it seems like there is no new specific advice. They cleaned up some of the text and page but I think the advice did not change – unless I am missing something?
Google: Canonical Tags May Not Work With Other Inconsistent Signals, Like RedirectsAaseesh from Google responded to a complaint about Google not picking up on a web site’s canonical tags. He said that “even if you setup the canonical tags properly, other signals like inconsistent redirects can make Google not select your preferred URL.”
Google’s New LA Office In Historic California HangarHere is a photo of the new Google LA office which is in a restored historic California hangar named Spruce Goose Hangar. This photo was shared by @Maderayconstruc and links to more details over here
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Beyond the email & log files, if you’re wondering if a site has been moved to mobile-first indexing, you can use the URL inspection tool and look for “Crawled as”. It will show Smartphone or Desktop. And I’ve seen this show Smartp, Glenn Gabe on Twitter
I’d avoid randomly changing URLs regardless of the type of content.…, John Mueller on Twitter
Ideally a page would really return 404 if it’s gone.…, John Mueller on Twitter
Oh my Twitter finger was itching..…, Matt Cutts on Twitter
Search Console Reporting Mobile Issues when there are none, WebmasterWorld
We generally ignore those kinds of links anyway, but if you’re ever worried or uncertain, I’d just use the disavow links tool and submit the domains there. It’s pretty quick & easy.… https://t.co/bc8SyKb81C, John Mueller on Twitter
@rustybrick @henshaw Google test price, size and category filters on google shopping results (in USA). @JohnMu @pedrodias @aleyda… https://t.co/5EVatOW6FI, Nabeel Ahmed on Twitter
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