Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
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Google Mobile-First Indexing Now Used For Over Half Of Google’s Search ResultsJust about two years after Google announced their mobile-first indexing initiative, to crawl the web as a mobile device first versus crawling the web as a desktop device, Google hit a major mile stone. Over 50% of the search results Google returns globally are from Google crawling and indexing the web using mobile-first indexing.
Poll: SEOs Like The Old Over The New Google Search ConsoleMost people, by nature, do not like change. I love new tools and playing with new things, but I like consistency and big changes I try to avoid. But also, change can bring really big opportunities. So when I saw the results around most SEOs liking the old Google Search Console over the new one, I was not surprised.
Google: We Can Detect Automated Link DroppingWith all the chatter around links, negative SEO, the tools, etc – Google’s John Mueller said that the tools used to do automated link drops are “old school” and thus, Google has probably seen this behavior before. He basically said, Google is good at detecting them and ignoring these types of spam also.
Poll: Most SEOs Don’t Offer Guaranteed SuccessYou hire an SEO to typically improve how much qualified traffic your web site gets. With the aim of driving more conversions and revenue for your business. But do SEOs give guarantees on such performance? The answer is typically no.
Still Having Google News Indexing & Ranking Issues? Start A New ThreadSo you know, Google has been working on addressing issues around Google News publishers with being seen in the Google News and web search results. It seems most of the issues are resolved but if you are still having issues, Google wants you to post those details in a new thread.
An SEO Made Google John Mueller SocksThis is funny. Marie Haynes made specialized socks for her SEO team with John Mueller’s face on it. Yes, John Mueller from Google has his own branded socks now. Here are some photos of them from Mari
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