Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google Feature Snippet: Pyramids Are 85 Years OldEvery now and then I like to highlight when Google gets it wrong with their featured snippets. It is really a daily occurrence but here is a funny one. If you ask Google how old are the pyramids, Google will tell you they are 85 years old.
Google Tests Black URL/Breadcrumbs At Top Of Search Result SnippetsGoogle is always testing new search results user interfaces, here is yet another test I’ve been noticing being reported over the past few days. Google is using a black URL or breadcrumb above the title in the search results snippet.
Google: If A Random Tool Can Find Bad Links Then Google Probably Ignores Those Links AlreadyIt looks like Google is taking a jab now at third-party link audit tools now. John Mueller from Google said on Twitter that if a random tool can figure out if a link is a bad link, then Google’s own algorithms can probably detect these bad links and thus ignore them without you having to disavow them.
Google: Linking To Your Media Mentions Is FineThere is so much paranoia around linking in the SEO community that some questions seems a bit overboard to me. For example, someone asked if it is okay to create a page showing the company’s media mentions and link to them or will Google frown on that.
Google “Red Bridge” Logo For Paul Klee 139th BirthdayToday on Google’s home page is a special logo for the 139th birthday of Paul Klee. Paul Klee is a Swiss German artist who was known for his painting, drawing, watercolor, and printmaking. He was born on December 18, 1879 in Switzerland and passed on June 29, 1940 also in Switzerland.
Googlebot Caffeine Fan Art From Alexis Sanders @AlexisKSandersAlexis Sanders, an SEO at Merkle has another talent outside of SEO, she can do some art. She put together what she is calling Googlebot caffeine fan art and shared it on Twitter. It is super detaile
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Explore new places (and get there smoothly!) with these tools and tricks for holiday travel → https://t.co/YmfFmPNR4w… https://t.co/SHkL5j66Pq, Google on Twitter
Google tests showing 2 table reservation CTAs in restaurant listings – https://t.co/pXvIRLiDEv . cc:@rustybrick @mblumenthal… https://t.co/PFXZUxOaIY, Sergey Alakov on Twitter
My bad, WebmasterWorld
Dunno who spends more time putting fear of links into the minds of webmasters … ¯_(ツ)_/¯…, John Mueller on Twitter
Join us for the last #webzurich this year! Our Xmas edition with livecoding TDD, serverless, procrastination and as usual: Drinks and snacks! Meet your fellow web makers and mingle this friday at https://t.co/bsa, Martin Splitt @ Twitter
Maps crashes immediately on opening, Google Maps Help
That’s a cool hack (and now I’m tempted to try that in all settings :P), but I don’t think it works. Break more things & submit to https://t.co/Ca1dYuxqcd :)… https://t.co/jSKcvkLA1f, John Mueller on Twitter
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