The Google AdSense forum has begun lighting up with publishers complaining that their AdSense ads are no longer showing up on their web sites. There seems to be hundreds, if not in the thousands of complaints starting early this morning or last night.
I don’t see any response from Google yet and I am unsure if this is a bug or some sort of quality clean up on publishers. I personally am able to see AdSense ads on some sites, including the one ad unit I have on this site.
There are also complaints of this on Twitter and other social networks. Again, I did not see any word from Google on this but here is a screen shot of just some of the complaint threads:

Again, I see probably over 1,000 complaints across hundreds of threads about ads not loading or appearing on their websites.
Do you have any issues?
Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.
Update: Google is aware of the issue:

Here you go 😎 pic.twitter.com/qbsP5gut3m
— Express Blogger (@expressblogger) September 15, 2017
Update 2: Many are now reporting as of around 1pm EST that their ads are showing up again.
Update 3: Google sent us this statment, “​It ​was a minor bug impacting a very limited number of AdSense publishers. ​There’s a​ fix ​- it’s being rolled out currently.”

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