Did you know that Bing has tasked BingBot, their crawler, to not just crawl the web but also to be used to verify your web site in Bing Webmaster Tools? Yea, if you use the meta tag verification method, BingBot will be the one who goes and checks for that meta tag.
Frédéric Dubut served that up as a new tidbit of information about Bing when he posted this on Twitter:

Fun fact 🤖 we’re using the same #Bingbot to verify your site in Bing Webmaster Tools (meta tag option) and to crawl your website. If you’re facing crawl issues, the most reliable way to get verified is the DNS option. #SEO #TechnicalSEO
— Frédéric Dubut (@CoperniX) March 5, 2019
Do you think BingBot is overworked? Well, don’t worry, it seems Bing is trying to reduce that work load…
Of course, DNS verification is the preferred route for Bing and it seems for Google as well.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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