Over a week ago, I reported that Bing Webmaster Tools API was down and then began using some of my channels to find out what is up. All of my channels failed to lead to an answer. Plus those who have directly contacted the technical support folks at Bing have been getting the run around. The API is still down, about two weeks later!
Here is the first notification I received about it going down:

@rustybrick Bing Webmaster Tools API goes down for 5 days and no one notices? Sad…
— Mike Sullivan (@AnalyticsEdge) July 11, 2018
He shared a screen shot with me of the API erroring out:

Others have confirmed with me that this is indeed true, the API is not working.
Mike said he got a response that “”Engineering is investigating” but nothing since. He is being told by some people to subscribe to an Azure support service but there are no support services for Azure specifically for the Bing Webmaster Tools API.
You can try it yourself by logging into your Bing Webmaster Tools area, going to the API section, generating your own key and trying out their API.
It is unclear if it is down because Microsoft no longer wants to support it or if some spammer is messing with it where it cannot return results?
Either way – Microsoft has not been responsive at all to webmaster concerns about their API.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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