Bing has updated its expanded text ads, which now allow for even more text in both the headline and description areas.
Specifically, expanded text ads have been updated with:
An additional headline
An additional description
Up to 90 characters of text in each of the descriptions
In total, Bing’s expanded text ads now support up to three headlines and two descriptions.
Two descriptions at 90 characters each means advertisers can utilize up to 180 characters in total.
Each headline area supports up to 30 characters. Individual headlines will be separated by a “|” symbol.
In some cases the third headline may not appear, however, so make sure the most important text is included in the first two headlines which are guaranteed to appear.
Bing says the device size and user response signals will determine whether or not the third headline is shown.
Similarly, the second description isn’t guaranteed to be shown on all devices. So put the most pertinent text in the first headline.
The extra title and description can be added via new fields underneath the ones that were already available for expanded text ads.

These additional fields are completely optional, so advertisers are under no obligation to fill their ads with more text than they feel comfortable with.
Updates to expanded text ads are now available to all Bing Ads advertisers worldwide

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