I spotted a rare forum post at WebmasterWorld from an SEO that noticed significant ranking and indexing changes at Bing. It is rare to see an SEO talk about this stuff with Bing and then it is rare to see others chime in. So I asked Frédéric Dubut from Bing who said “nothing out of the ordinary” has happened recently there.
Here is what the WebmasterWorld post said:

Saw my first major Bing update last week. I had a handful of my 200 pages in there in a very limited capacity but it looks like a broad index update and page rank update happened the middle of last week.
My keyword rank tracker is also showing an almost on park rank in google vs Bing with positions being relatively near each other. That’s a first for me.
Hopefully Bing keeps improving and growing, G needs some competition and duckduck isn’t doing it for me.

I asked Frédéric Dubut from Bing about this and he said nothing new to report, just the normal daily grind.

Nothing out of the ordinary. The ranking model updates very frequently so changes like this are expected more or less all the time. I do appreciate the original poster’s words of encouragement though!
— Frédéric Dubut (@CoperniX) February 19, 2019
There is one tool that tracks Bing, as far as I am aware, it is from SERP Metrics and it shows spikes and dips all the time:

Did you notice significant ranking changes or traffic changes from Bing over the past week or so?
Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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