Here are some photos from Adventureman, Jamie McDonald, who is running across America right now, rushed that run to make it for his talk at Google NYC.
He posted on Instagram some photos and this message. “I made it to @google to give a talk to their staff in New York City, just in the nick of time!.”
Here is the full post with more photos:

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I made it to @google to give a talk to their staff in New York City, just in the nick of time! • Yesterday, you may have seen that I posted about running a double marathon with @unite_students – well, over the last 6 weeks I’ve been racing to make it on time for this talk at @google and I’ve pushed my body beyond belief. • Waking up on the day of the talk, probably one of the biggest companies and biggest moments of my life (no pressure, eh!?) I wasn’t sure if I was able to do it. • I was running on 5 hours of sleep over the space of two nights, as well as three marathons in two days – so I was seriously worried that, by being so exhausted, my talk would flop. • An hour before the talk, I was going through the techie stuff, in slight panic mode getting mic’ed up, I just kept telling myself ‘you’re going to do this, pull yourself together, you’re Adventureman!’ • Five minutes before the talk, I looked at the audience and there were five freaking people. FIVE?!!! I started to get really embarrassed, would I be speaking to five people!? • Suddenly, one minute before the room filled and more than 100 people flooded into the room. Pheeeeew. • My nervous system settled and a surge of excitable endorphins kicked in, along with a voice in my head telling me I could do it. • Honestly, when I hit the stage it was one of my best talks of my life. I’m not going to spoil exactly how it went, because the entire talk was professionally filmed, so I’ll be sharing that in a couple of weeks once Google has edited it. • On the fundraising side of things, there have been some donations from some Googlers (that’s what they call themselves!) and once the video comes out we’re hoping that it will get shared within the company, and around the world that should (fingers crossed!) result in more donations. • I’m so excited to share the video with you. • (Huge thank you to @smssolo from Google who helped organize the entire shebang and a thank you too to a friend of mine, @guggero, for building the connection). • And did I tell you I have less than 10 marathons to gooooo?! • Yeeeeeeahhhh! The end is in sight!!!
A post shared by Jamie McDonald (@adventureman) on Mar 12, 2019 at 8:58am PDT

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