“Hi, my name is Matt Johnson – I own Webmatic247.com

I help Trades and Service type Companies Get More Customers through proven marketing strategies like

🔹Facebook Ads

🔹Funnel Systems

🔹Social Media Marketing

🔹Email Marketing

🔹Local SEO

🔹Google and YouTube Ads

🔹Video Marketing

🔹Messenger Bots, and more.



I built this business to help American Small Businesses finally get an upper edge over less effective Web Marketing and SEO companies that spin a good tale but Suck your wallet dry while delivering few real results.

There’s a lot of FAKES, PHONIES and FRAUDS in my industry. People who just maybe a year ago were wedding photographers or had an etsy store. Now they call themselves Marketing Experts.. 

Like I always say: “You don’t Hire a Plumber to fix a Leaky Roof” 

I’ve trained with and tested hundreds of Internet Marketing Strategies over the years – Finding and tracking the best methods that work for Small Businesses.

I’ve done the hard work up front so you don’t have to

Also: When you call, You speak directly to me. Not a rep, or a telephone tree or someone in another country.  You Know What I’m Saying…

You Talk To Me. Personally.

I offer a proven organized plan of attack to get you leads and get your business truly more visible online. 

Our results and Testimonials speak for themselves. 

Personal side: In 1990 I took an oath to protect my country.

I served 10 years in the US Air Force – Special Operations Command. It’s still a driving force in me today.

While still serving, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Texas Tech. I learned the value of high level education and how powerful it is to keep training.

I also minored in Online Marketing. and hold many Technology Certifications to include a Professional SEO Certification from WEB CEO. (With Honors)

My team and I are 100% Google Compliant. No Black hat tricks EVER! We continue to stay abreast of Search Engine, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ad changes on a daily basis and subscribe to many industry related publications to keep our Digital Marketing Skills Sharp!

In Fact – I personally invested over $11,000 in the last year (2018-2019) just on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads Training  I continue regular training every week (Tuesdays and Fridays) to keep my skills sharp. 

– I consider it my Duty and Obligation to Help Small Business become more Successful than ever before.

– I’m passionate about what we do, because It works.

– If you allow me to roll up my sleeves and go to work for you, I promise, I won’t let you down!


Of my clients reach Page 1 of Google in 45 Days or Less

Customer LEADS delivered to clients in the past 2 yrs

Years working in SEO and Web Marketing

 (757) 620-6819

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