“Hi, my name is Matt Johnson – I own Webmatic247.com

attn: Security Guard Company owners are you trying to figure a way to get New Security Deals Every month , But that’s not happening? Well, That’s all I do!

What would it be like if about every couple days you got text messages with the Name, Phone and Email of someone who just moments ago searched for and requested a Security Quote from you?

Do you think you would be able to close 3 or 4 New Security Deals if thy landed in your lap? How much money could you make if you did that every month?

I created the SPO Marketing Program – Using a proven marketing strategy that gets Customers calling you. –

Specifically Made For The Security Industry

I use (proven by my customers to work) techniques including:

🔹Facebook Ads Marketing 

🔹Google Ad Words and YouTube Ads

🔹Re Marketing – Re Target Marketing

🔹Email Marketing

🔹Local SEO

🔹Funnel Systems

🔹Video Marketing

🔹Messenger Bots, and more.


Not every security firm has the same needs. I’ve cracked the marketing formulas for the security Industry. Helping Security Guard Companies finally get an upper edge over less effective Web Marketing and SEO companies that spin a good tale but Suck your wallet dry while delivering few real results.

There’s a lot of FAKES, PHONIES and FRAUDS in my industry. People who just maybe a year ago were wedding photographers or had an etsy store. Now they call themselves Marketing Experts..  Like I always say: “You don’t Hire a Plumber to fix a Leaky Roof” 

I’ve trained with and tested hundreds of Internet Marketing Strategies over the years – Finding and tracking the best methods that work for Small Businesses.

The hard work was done up front, so you didn’t have to….

Also: When you call, You speak directly to me.

Not a powerless rep, or a telephone tree or someone in another country.  You Know What I’m Saying…

You Talk To Me Personally.

I offer a proven organized plan of attack to get you Security leads and your business truly more visible online. 

Our results and Testimonials speak for themselves. 

Personal side: In 1990 I took an oath to protect my country.

I served 10 years in the US Air Force – Special Operations Command.  It’s still a driving force in me today.

While still serving, I obtained a Bachelor in Computer Science from Texas Tech. I learned the value of high level education and how powerful it is to keep training. 

I also minored in Online Marketing. and hold many Technology Certifications to include a Professional SEO Certification from WEB CEO. (With Honors) But I’m not a Geek. Along with My Military career I was an Auxiliary police officer in Boston Ma (Lic Special Police Officer) with 75 SPO’s under my command as a Captain – I know this industry intimately. 

My team and I are 100% Google Compliant. No Black hat tricks EVER! We continue to stay abreast of Search Engine, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ad changes on a daily basis and subscribe to many industry related publications to keep our Digital Marketing Skills Sharp!

In Fact – I’ve personally invested over $14,000 in the last 3 yrs  (2018-2021) just on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads and Marketing Training  – I continue regular weekly training with my team every week- Keeping our skills sharp and up to date.  

– I consider it my Duty and Obligation to Help Small Business become more Successful than ever before.

– I’m passionate about what we do, because It works.

– If you allow me to roll up my sleeves and go to work for you, I promise, I won’t let you down!


Of my clients reach Page 1 of Google in 45 Days or Less

Customer LEADS delivered to clients in the past 5 yrs

Years working in Security and Web Marketing

  (757) 620-6819

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