Some folks are seeing a new useragent in their log files named google-speakr. The for that useragent, at least during accessing the sites is which resolves to Google. SEOs and webmasters are asking if this is some sort of Google Assistant or Home crawler or something else?
Google has not responded about questions about this, but here are the tweets from the community on this:

Interesting hit in the logfile. useragent “google-speakr” IP was “” which resolves to https://t.co/RnpYd0FtUk.might be an indicator which contents are requested on Google Home#seo #google #[email protected] is this a reasonable assumption?
— Valentin Pletzer (@VorticonCmdr) January 28, 2019

A friend of mine spotted a Googlebot Speakr in his logs ⬇️⬇️⬇️Did any of you see it? pic.twitter.com/dMZXsQpJDS
— Gianluca Fiorelli (@gfiorelli1) January 30, 2019
I guess it might make sense for Google to do this but I have no clue what would be going on with this useragent to be honest.
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