There is some chatter starting around Friday, June 8th, in the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread about a possible Google algorithm update or shift starting Thursday night into Friday and throughout the weekend. The chatter is not as high as a normal Google algorithm update, so either this is a limited update, some sort of penalty or filter impacting a niche set of sites or some weird bug. But some of the tools, along with the chatter, warrants me reporting about these fluctuations in the Google algorithm.
Here are some quotes from the thread:

Did anyone notice a big traffic drop yesterday? Smells like another major update….

yup, traffic is down for Friday and Saturday

Yes, dropped on Friday

in the last week I recovered the lost visitors in December 2017, before I was -50%

Here are screen shots from the tracking tools:





SERP Metrics:

Advanced Web Rankings:

Check your analytics and ranking tools – see if you notice any changes over the past few days or so.
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