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Month: January 2019

Instagram Stories Are Viewed by 500 Million Users Per Day by @MattGSouthern

Instagram Stories have hit the daily user count of 500 million, which is up from the 400 million reported in June 2018. Stories are growing amongst advertisers as well, with 2 million now buying Stories ads across Instagram and Facebook. These numbers were revealed during Facebook’s Q4...

Bing Allows Site Owners to Submit Up to 10,000 URLs Per Day by @MattGSouthern

Bing has significantly increased the number of URLs site owners can submit for indexing per day. Site owners can now submit up to 10,000 URLs to Bing per day, which will get crawled and indexed immediately. There is no limit to how many URLs can be submitted each month. Previously, site owners...

Google Produced 96% of US Mobile Search Visits in Q4 2018 by @MattGSouthern

Google accounted for 96% of all US mobile organic search visits in the fourth quarter of 2018. Organic search, in general, produced just under 26% of all site visits in Q4 2018, which is a half-point decline from Q3 2018. This data was revealed in Merkle’s Q4 2018 Digital Marketing Report,...


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