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Month: May 2018

How Long it Takes for a Link to Affect Rankings by @martinibuster

Someone asked me if it was true that it takes around three months for Google to assign value to a link. The interesting thing about the recent patents and updates to patents is that they explain a way to efficiently accomplish these mind boggling calculations. Those kinds of research papers...

Augmented Reality Marketing: Moving From Gimmick to Strategy by @jes_scholz

Augmented reality (AR), best characterized by a real-time blending of virtual objects into real-world settings, is no longer science fiction. Now accessible by most smartphone cameras, AR has made the move to the mainstream. And brands have taken notice. Deloitte identified that almost 90 percent...

Google Asks For Photo Of Business Hours

Ben Fisher noticed and posted on Twitter that if you try to edit a business's hours in Google search under the local knowledge panel, it will ask you to submit a photo or scan of the business hours. Google asks you to "take a close-up photo that clearly shows the hours for Google to scan." Google...


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