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Month: November 2017

There Was Google Featured Snippets Change Up In Past 30 Days

Pete Meyers from Moz was tweeting yesterday about how the featured snippets at the end of October have significantly changed. He said "it looks like a lot of the SERPs that lost Featured Snippets around the end of October gained general Knowledge Panels." Which are better? Featured snippets or...

The Bing Select Partner Plaque

Here is a photo of a Bing advertising company showing off their new Bing Select Partner plaque. It looks substantial, don't you think? The company must sell search ads and sold enough of Bing Ads to become a select partner. With that they get this nice plaque to hang in their office. They posted...

Moving To HTTPS, Transfer Parameter Handling In Google Search Console

Just a heads up, if you are migrating your site from HTTP to HTTPS and you have parameter handling set up in Google Search Console, make sure that when you do migrate to HTTPS, you transfer those parameter handling set up as well. So make sure to set up a new Google Search Console verified...


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