Google: Pruning Content Never Should Have Worked For Panda

The other day, we reported that Gary Illyes from Google said that pruning content was not safe so I asked him about it at SMX East yesterday. Gary did say you could use this tactic in the past, back in 2015.
In short, Gary said he joined Google around the time Panda launched. From everything he remembers back then and through today, pruning and removing content from your site should have never helped you recover from a Panda penalty (or filter as he likes to call it).
The funny thing is, most SEOs I know spend a heck of a lot of time pruning content on sites. They often will take a massive site and cut it down to be a fraction of the size, which would then help boost the quality of the pages that remain because they would often drop out the low quality pages and keep the quality pages. Someone that meant migrating pages into one, boosting the depth of content on those pages.
Since the early days of Panda, in 2011, SEOs would remove content from their sites to get out of the Panda’s paws. But to be fair, Gary Illyes from Google did say in 2015 that you improve content, not remove it for Panda.
Here is one of the tweets from the panel:

Pruning low-quality content will never work for Panda, according to @methode, if you’ve been “Pandalyzed”! #smx #smxeast pic.twitter.com/U6Bqvy1dM3
— Chris Silver Smith (@si1very) October 26, 2017
Again, it is funny to hear Gary tell SEOs what they’ve been doing for years isn’t how it works.
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Google Search Console Beta Launch Should Give Us A Years Worth Of Data

Google has been promising more than 90 days worth of data in the Google Search Console, formerly Webmaster Tools, since 2013 and they have been teasing us with it over and over again since.
At SMX East, I pressed Gary Illyes about it and he said he would like to see the new longer termed stored data to go live with the released of the new Google Search Console. He didn’t want to give timelines on anything at SMX East but he said he thinks we would get the year worth of data when the beta is finally launched.
When is the beta going to be launched? I don’t think even Google knows.
John Mueller hinted at this some time back and then Gary also said it was coming recently.
Gary has now somewhat confirmed those suspicious that the new longer termed data will come with the beta release.
Here is a tweet from the conference:

Light at the end of the tunnel? We MIGHT see the long promised year of Search Console Data when the new GSC UI launches. @methode #smx
— Eric Richmond (@SEOExpertEric) October 26, 2017
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Google Local Panel Shows “Inside This Place”

Google seems to be rolling out a new feature for the local knowledge panel named “inside this place.” Sergey Alakov posted on Twitter about it and it shows under the local Q&A box for some local businesses.
It shows inside photos of the business and then also lets searchers to add their own photos with a camera icon with a plus sign.
Here is a screen shot from Sergey:

This is not available for many locations but you can trigger it on a nice set of them.
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Google Office Ready For Halloween

Here is a photo from one of the Google offices getting set up for Halloween. You can see the scary Google sign with cobwebs and those creepy dolls witches use, of course the pumpkin and spiders. Are you ready for Halloween?
This was shared on Instagram.
This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where we find fun and interesting photos related to the search industry and share them with our readers.

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