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How Do You Market A Security Company?

Over the years we’ve trained with and tested hundreds of Internet Marketing Strategies that work for Security Guard Companies – Now, we know what works and what doesn’t and We can help you too! …

How Do Security Companies Get Clients in 2022?

It’s Simple: Online! One of the best ways to get clients is They find you online.
SEO for security companies (Search Engine Optimization) Imagine you needed Private Security in Richmond VA. How would you find them? Would you call everyone you know and see if they could recommend a security company? (word of mouth) or would you Google it? SEO is like a salesperson who works for free 24 hours a day 7 days a week and on Holidays. But it’s not as simple as putting up a Security Guard website and adding a few testimonials on your Google Business Listing. Which is Free and you should have already claimed it. Your website needs to target the cities you are in and the services you offer. We can help.
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Internet Marketing for a Security Guard Company Can Be Overwhelming.  The Good News Is, It’s ALL We Do..

10 Steps to Get Leads for Your Security Company this week!

  1. Optimize your site with search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Use Local pay-per-click (PPC) And a dedicated landing page to reach a more targeted audience.
  3. Set up a “Price Quote Page” to Automatically text you when you get a lead.
  4. Connect with people on social media.
  5. Get people interested in your business with PPC SEO and content marketing.
  6. Create City/Service Pages for ALL the cities you operate in. CLICK To See More TIPS

How Can A Security Company Increase Sales?

We know how to Market a Security Company. We’ve personally invested over $36,000 (since 2018) just on our Google, SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing Training. – I continue regular weekly training with my teams to hone our skills and keep abreast of industry changes. Thus keeping our skills sharp and up to date. Call us today if yo need to Market a Security Company

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We are 100% American-made.  All our services are offered in-house and are integrated to exceed your business requirements. Security Guard Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.
The Good News Is, It’s All We Do.

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We Know Security. It’s our Business. I’m a former Police Officer, Captain, and Combat Veteran. (Air Force Special Operations) And ESA MEMBER.


Starting at About the Price of a Regular Armed Guard. Our Services are attainable even for Startup Security Companies. In fact, we Welcome You!

PPC Certified
Certified Marketing


We Reverse-Engineered The Big Security Company’s methods. We know what works and can replicate their success.


More than 10 years working in SEO.  THIS SECURITY MARKETING PROGRAM is made for you. No Guessing if It’s Gonna Work. It Does!

Before I hired Webmatic247 to do our SEO we were invisible online. Other SEO companies probably meant well, but they just couldn’t get the job done. Let’s be honest, not many people even knew Patriot Services Group existed online. They Know Now! I’m on page 1 for over 100 phrases and climbing. Phones are ringing and customers often tell me they found us online. I couldn’t be happier!

Bill Prosser

CEO, Patriot Services Group inc.

Matt from Webmatic247 has been wonderful to work with. They got our security guard company on page one of Google, in virtually every single City in our State. If you own a security guard company. You had better call Matt cuz he does security guard marketing very well.  That's what they do.... A+++

Stacey K

CFO, Security Link Patrol

Matt always delivers more than expected. He did digital marketing for my Security Firm and SEO for my Security Gear eCommerce website. 

Bernie Major

Owner, Spear Group Security

A huge thank you to WebMatic and Matt for the amazing SEO work from the start. We will continue to use you for many years to come! Thank you again!

Thomas D

Owner, Bluecord International, Inc.

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GEO-VIDS Video Marketing

The ultimate way to Market a Security Company and get it visible Fast! GEO-VIDS Allows Hundreds of Videos To Target the Cities and Services Your Security Guard Company operates in.

Learn More

GEO-VIDS Service is a very unique and powerful Video Marketing Service for Security Firms  In-fact. I’m the inventor of the GEO-VIDS software technology that allows for Hundreds of Videos to target The Cities and Services your business operates in.

Your company will stand out from the crowd when your Videos show up in a Regular Google search for Hundreds of phrases. THAT’s POWERFUL!

Videos that show in a Google Search are clicked 40X MORE than regular text in search results! (Source: ReelSEOWouldn’t you like that to be your business?  CLICK HERE to learn More About GEO-VIDS 

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Special Local Google Search Optimization for Marketing a Security Company

Our Local SEO is ideal for Security Firms who need to generate high online visibility by targeting the Cities, States, and Security Industry relevant keyword categories.

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  • Local SEO for 1 GEO Location (city)
  • Target 25 total Keywords
  • Google My Business Set up.
  • Website Content Writing (if needed)
  • Informational Content Social Sharing
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution
  • Customer Ranking dashboard.
  • Dedicated SEO Manager
  • Monthly Citation/ Directory Building
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Pay Per Click Lead Generation - For Security Guard Marketing

PPC is very effective For HOT LEADS in the Security Industry. 

Online Lead generation: “Often referred to as “lead gen” is the 24/7 Money Maker for businesses that can’t or won’t do business with just anyone.

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“If You got 1-5 New Contracts Each Month, How much would that be worth to your Security Firm?”

Using The Google Ad-Words platform, We create an ad campaign that targets your Geographic area of service. We customized the ad services to get in front of Prospects who are already looking for Security Guard Services.

We Set up and Implement Mail Chimp (Or work w your existing email marketing service) to track your New Prospects giving you the ability to RE-Market Back to them!

Here, we also Create a Branded Landing page with your Logo and Information so folks will be able to Call You direct or give their information for you to Call Them ASAP..    “THIS IS A HOT LEAD!” 

But Don’t worry! You’ll Get Notified Immediately!

We set up Automation that immediately Emails and Texts YOU all the LEAD INFORMATION  ( So you can call them ASAP)

Each lead will contain NAME- EMAIL- PHONE NUMBER of the person who just requested your services.  

Additionally, (if you desire)  we can Automate it so your prospect automatically gets an email of your Service pricing or whatever information you want them to know before you call them back.

Leads are Precious – We Know Your NOT Gonna Let Those Leads Slip Through The Cracks!

-Officer Matt Out


ore About GEO-VIDS 

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Google My Business Foundation

The one-stop service for your GMB optimization needs. 4 phase service delivers skilled Google My Business optimization in 28 days.

Learn More

Market a Security Company 10Auditing and fixing GMB particulars such as hours, opening date, categories, NAP, duplicate listings, etc…

Market a Security Company 11Competitive research, service areas, and descriptions.

Market a Security Company 12Review responses, photos, and the GMB website itself.

Market a Security Company 13The last phase is optional. It’s our GMB Premium Post service! Review, city, and service-specific posts.

Click Here to Read the Full Scoop on this Service

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Copywriting & Strategy

“Advertising is Easy – Marketing Takes Mental Effort” Why do I say that?

Because Marketing isn’t just a pretty picture or a catchy phrase. It’s an entire “methodology of thought”

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Through proven content outlines we can help you craft the right message for your audience. Doesn’t matter if it’s writing for your site or for ads we will use our Tools, Expertise and Huge Network of Influential Marketers to brainstorm the perfect content for you. 

NOTE: Hi Folks This is Matt, I wanted you to know how Serious I take this.. I’ve personalty Invested more than $17,000 in the past two years (2019/2020) to be connected to and learn from some of the best minds in Sales, Ad copy, Web Conversion, and Marketing.

I believe in being around top professionals They help me bring up my game to an epic level compared to my competition Who maybe just a year ago were wedding photographers now they think they’re EXPERTS~ . (Happens more than you realize)  

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Lead Gen Strategy

Many Security Firms are working harder than ever to stay connected with customers and prospects. Let us Set That Up For You. 

Learn More

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Facebook Messenger Bots have been proven to help build communities, grow engagement, help answer questions and qualify leads.

We integrate Manychat and MailChimp: ManyChat + MailChimp integration allows you to add or update a subscriber to MailChimp to one of the existing lists.

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