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Want to speak at SMX London? Here’s how.

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The agenda for our upcoming SMX London 2017 show is live, and we’ve opened up our “speaking pitch” form for select sessions for the show, taking place May 23–24, 2017, at etc.venues, 155 Bishopsgate, Liverpool St., London EC2M 3YD.
To increase the odds of being selected, be sure to read the agenda. Understand what the sessions are about. Ensure that your pitch is on-target to the show’s audience and the session. Please also be very specific about what you intend to cover. Also, if you do not see a particular session listed, that means there are no openings for that session. Use this form to submit your request.
PLEASE NOTE: Many sessions have already been filled and are not open for pitches. If a session does not appear on the pitch form, it is closed, even if no speakers are appearing on the agenda yet.
As you might guess, interest is high in speaking at Marketing Land conferences. We literally sift through hundreds of submissions to select speakers for the show. Here are some tips that will increase your chances of being selected.
Pitch early: Submitting your pitch early gives you a better chance of being selected. Coordinators accept speakers as soon as they identify a pitch that they think best fits the session, just like colleges that use a rolling admissions policy. So pitching early increases the likelihood you’ll be chosen.
Use the form: The speaker pitch form (http://marketinglandevents.com/speaker-form/) is the way to ask to speak. There’s helpful information there about how your pitch should be written and what it should contain.
Write it yourself and be specific: Lots of pitches come in that are not specific to the session. That is the most effective way to ensure that your pitch is ignored. And this year, we’re no longer accepting pitches written by anyone other than a proposed speaker. If you’re a thought leader, write the pitch yourself… and make certain that it is 100 percent focused on the session topic.
“Throw your best pitch:” We’re limiting the number of pitches to three per person, so please pitch for the session(s) where you really feel you’ll offer SMX attendees your best.
You’ll be notified: Everyone who pitches to speak will be notified by email whether or not you are accepted.
And don’t delay. The pitch forms for each session will close as sessions are filled, with everything closing the week of February 24.

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