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Summer solstice 2017 Google doodle marks the longest day of the year

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It’s officially summer, and to mark the summer solstice occasion, Google is offering another scene from the animated mouse featured in its spring solstice animated doodle.
Since getting her spring cleaning done back in March, the star of Google’s solstice doodle series is taking it easy today — enjoying her book and fan and taking in the sunshine.
The doodle leads to a search for “summer solstice 2017” and includes the usual sharing icon.
“As the longest day of the year, solstice marks the official start of the summer season,” writes Google on the Google Doodle Blog, “If you live north of the equator, today you’ll enjoy the most amount of sunlight in a single day that you’ll have all year.”
The doodle is currently being displayed on most of Google’s international home pages in the Northern Hemisphere.
Countries located in the Southern Hemisphere will see a different version from the doodle series on their Google home pages today, marking the winter solstice happening below the equator:
Right now, the winter solstice doodle for the Southern Hemisphere is only showing for a handful of South American countries, including Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina.

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