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Sponsored Links vs Organic Listings

Google displays “Sponsored Links” and
“Organic Listings” on each of its search pages.
Sponsored Links reside on the top in a shaded
area and or along the right hand side of the
page while Organic Listings appear in the
larger, white area on the left side of the page.


A Penn State Study showed that 84% of
searchers eyes gravitate to the Organic
Listings while 16% gravitate to the Sponsored
Links (5 to 1 ratio).

Organic Listings are
naturally ranked as to industry relevance,
traffic, perceived importance and good old
effective website optimization.

Links are the opposite.

A Sponsored Link is a paid advertisement for which Google charges
a Pay Per Click (PPC) fee. The pricing is determined as competitors bid blindly against
each other. The highest bidder ranks highest on the page.

Many companies will spend enormous sums to be highly ranked on page 1
of Google especially above the fold in positions 1 through 5. Google only charges for
Sponsored Links.

Organic Listings are thought to be free, naturally ascending to top status
based on the overall merit, importance and relevance of the website as it relates to its
industry competition as well as the keyword phrase/s under which it was found.


The Graph below, from Pen State shows the Percent of Times each Google position on the search page is clicked. They studied 700,000 people’s search habits to compile this data.

Obviously position 1 in Google will get clicked more than position 10. But notice spot 10 gets picked more than spot 9.. Interesting..

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