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Majestic successfully prints the internet in 3D in outer space

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As you may remember, Majestic, an SEO toolset company, set off on a voyage last year to print the internet in 3-D in outer space. Well, we are glad to report that the mission has been a success.
After 18 months, the “Majestic Landscape,” which is a 3-D data visualization sculpture that depicts the internet graph, was printed on a 3-D printer designed to work in zero gravity on the International Space Station.
Matthew Napoli, the VP of In-Space Operations for Made In Space, Inc. said, “The print looks really good. It was exciting to be able to print those complex digital features in microgravity and see the great results.”
Dixon Jones from Majestic said, “The #MajesticInSpace Project has been about expanding ideas, expanding knowledge leadership and about believing that data can be more than just numbers on an Excel spreadsheet. I think that it also inspires people within our industry to say there is more that we can do in the world to advance humankind.”
Here is a photo:
Here is a video from Majestic on this mission:
[embedded content]
Here is a GIF of it floating in the space station:

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