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How to get more Local Search Engine Traffic

How to get Local Search Engine Traffic

Local SEO Marketing Advice for Pressure Washing Companies in Hampton Roads

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    Virginia Business owners who have a web site and run their business locally need to know the value of “Local Search Engine Optimization” Simply because it’s so often overlooked by much of your competition!
    The truth is most people search locally when looking for goods and services now a days . In a recent Google survey over 10,000 people stated that they perform a web search online about a company before they ever decide
    to call or do business with them. That’s huge!
Targeting your website in a specific region will bring you more targeted customers who are ready to buy from you.
An often over looked benefit of Local Search Engine Optimization is that your company is often listed on the top of the 1st page showing your business name and phone number with other local companies. Your site will show up in mobile searches too.
Hear are some basic factors to help your site rank better using Local Search Engine Optimization.
  • 1 Cardinal rule: Make sure your site is search engine friendly to begin with.
    Here is a tool you can use to get basic info about your site. http://www.w3optimizer.com
  • 2
    Phone numbers: They should be very clear with area code. I recommend adding your phone number to every page of your site, top and bottom. Most times that’s what people are looking for anyhow. Don’t make them have to search your site.
  • 3
    Add your business to Google Maps and Yahoo maps. The mapping services display your location when people search in your area.
  • 4
    “How to find us” this one is simple. Include driving directions to your location in the contact us page. a Google map helps too!
  • 5
    Local Directories: Your website needs to be listed in regional directories, neighborhood town guides and Yellow page type sites. Here is a list of the Top diorectories http://www.seocompany.ca/directory/top-web-directories.html I know for a fact Directories in hampton Roads get well over 50,000 hits a month! That’s a lot of local customers!
  • 6
    Last, but not least: Please remember to give your full business address in your website and in the directories. Alot of folks forget that.
    I hope I have sparked an interest in Local SEO. You are now well on your way to capturing tons of local search engine traffic, and ultimately more business.

Matt Johnson is an SEO Marketing Expert who specializes in Online Marketing for business in the Hampton Roads area.

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