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Google doodle celebrates Marie Harel, the inventor of Camembert cheese

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Today’s special Google doodle honors the inventor of the Camembert cheese. Marie Harel was born 256 years ago today in Crouttes, France. She invented the Camembert cheese back in 1791, at the age of 30.
The Google doodle shows the steps it takes to make Camembert cheese in nine different Google logo slides. Google said that the “Doodle celebrates Harel’s 256th birthday with a slideshow that illustrates how Camembert is made, step by step.” “It’s drawn in a charming, nostalgic style reminiscent of early 20th-century French poster artists, such as Hervé Morvan and Raymond Savignac,” they added.
Her work earned her a statue in Vimoutiers in France.
Marie Harel lived to the age of 83 and died on November 9, 1844.

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