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An SEO Poem

SEO PoemAn SEO Goes To The Zoo.

In the world that I live in my SEO is true

I see a Panda, a Hummingbird and a Penguin too.

Aren’t they all pretty? All harmless stuffed pets –It’s the Big Google’s Geek Zoo – giving me the SEO sweats.

These Penguins are funny black and white -you will see-

They walk on golden chains, for linking to me.

Quality back links and natural habitats- keeps them at ease-

No Link Farms or Exchanges or Crazy Wheelies.

“Just keep them fed with good back links please” I don’t want disavows with The Giant Big G-zzz.

The Panda is like wisdom that sits in a hat, He finds the best answer for this and for that.

No matter the topic or how rankings may flee – The Panda’s solid mantra is:Easy to find Content.. is Key.

A parrot would have been better for this last Google update indeed -but they chose the fast little Hummingbird for its incredible speed.

He’ll listen to us ramble – and sorts through our spit –

as we say it to our Androids, He will search for our SH*T…STUFF~.




An Original poem: by SEO Consultant, Special Operations War Veteran, and all around Great Guy, Matt Johnson of Virginia Beach VA. CLICK ON MY NAME TO CONNECT WITH ME On LinkedIn arrow UP










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