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► You know how most small business owners are always trying to get New Leads and Opportunities from their websites? And how they Struggle to get a Positive ROI from their Marketing efforts? 

► I Solve That Problem.. 


“Hi folks, My name is Matt Johnson.


I’ve spent years perfecting the best SEO methods that work.

We’ve perfected an amazing technology to get our clients to Page 1 Of Google for HUNDREDS of their BEST Keyword Phrases.

My team (All American Workers)  have been doing it for 10 Years Now!  – And Google Loves Us!


Back in the early days we started out only selling to larger corporations with deep pockets But quickly saw a much bigger need for Local Small Business Owners. We knew we could help them.


Back in 1990, I took an oath to protect my country. (I’m a Veteran – Air Force Special Operations) That oath is a Driving FORCE for me – even today! Except now it’s been modified – (SEO is my Rifle) – I consider it my Duty and Obligation to Help Small Business become more Successful than ever before + without all the hype.


Help Small Businesses with Affordable SEO. That actually –  Really – Really – Works……

(Google “GeosearchSEO proof” to check out my video for customer proof)



“If you allow me to roll up my sleeves and go to work for you, I promise I won’t let you down!”


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The SEO History of Matt-  

Starting in 1997 as a professional technology consultant, Matt focused his skills within the hi-tech medical industries and growing industrial robotics fields. Utilizing industry knowledge and honing his Executive and Technical skills, Matt quickly became a respected leader in his fields.  He authored a bi-weekly publication with over 5,000 regular subscribers- Focusing on website conversions, search engine rankings, online media, and related technologies: Called “The Web Guru Knows”  A first of it’s kind back then..

He later helped develop a process know as a Website Expansion Where new hundreds of keyword targeted content pages were added onto websites- Allowing a site to show up in Google for thousands more phrases.  Effectively Casting a huge net to capture just the right customers.- By the way  that is the very core SEO principals used to make Geo Search SEO Successful.

Matt has helped many great companies rise to the top of Google, where many have seen increased sales and some even doubled or tripled sales by working with him.

By utilizing a consultative approach along with relevant business experience, Matt has become a well-respected professional within the Online Marketing Circles.

On a Personal Note from Matt:  I graduated from Texas Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and hold an MBA Certificate along with many industry related technology certifications – to include an Executive eMarketing Certification and a Professional Search Engine Optimization Certification from WebCEO. (with honors)

I often guest speak in SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing events across the internet and in live forums –  where I consult in “The Trenches” with Real Business Owners, sharing proven marketing strategies that have helped hundreds of my clients Rise to the top of Google ( And More Importantly, Increase Sales) . I share tips, and secrets for driving more web traffic to their websites, along with online marketing strategies for improved businesses and ROI.

As an Executive SEO Consultant, I specialize in website conversions and marketing technologies that drive targeted traffic to your website for increased revenue.

I am also a Military Veteran, having  served almost 10 years with the US Air Force Special Operations Command. (AFSOC).  I was a Helicopter Mechanic and later a Command Post Liaison. I consider myself blessed to have been able to serve and travel many countries to experience our world.

The American Dream is very much alive for myself and EVERY Small Business Owners I meet. I know 1st hand (having seen for myself) that we are truly blessed to live here – I will always do my best to keep that dream alive.

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